SSL – The most important thing about your WWW safety

It’s obvious that you use Internet nowadays. You buy things online, you check your account balance, e-mail, you use social media. You enter your logins, passwords, contacts, occupations. Have you ever thought about your data safety? Do you know where to find the website’s authenticity and what makes that website safe for you?

Safety = SSL Cerfiticate!

Let’s get started with a simple conclusion – if your data are at risk in Web, YOU are at risk, too. There are many ways to use personal data to unauthorised goals without any permission and even knowledge of their owner. It is nothing special – there are a lot of inattended victims.

SSL Certificate is a guarantee of confidential of your data – network protocol used to coding network connections both on websites and Internet mail, including every money-like transations.

It works in two ways:

    • encrypts exchanged data
    • integrates data

How does the process of sending data proceed with the SSL Certificate? It’s easy! Sending a request from the client to the server is the first stage of transmission. The server responds with the SSL Certificate, and the website verifies its authenticity. If everything is correct, then a symmetric key is generated that is responsible for encrypting your data. Then you can be sure that they go exactly where you want them – to the right recipient. It’s his servers that have the key to decrypt your data.

How to check that any domain has SSL Certificate?

When connecting to the website, its address will contain the prefix “https: //”, and the browser will show a bar, padlock usually in green depending on the type of SSL certificate used by the given domain. It is worth clicking on the icon – in this case, information about the correctness of the certificate, its validity period and the entity issuing the certificate for that particular page will be displayed