Logo – a face of your business

Each company should have a logo, which is a hallmark, in a sense its face. From the moment the logo is created, it will be the main element of business cards, leaflets, website, advertising banners and so on. It is even said that it is the logo that will earn your first million if… yeah!

Let’s look at the logotypes of the largest business players in the world. Apple, WWF, Coca-Cola – there is an apple, there is a pet, there is a plain inscription with a twisted font. And yet something makes the equipment of the bitten apple want millions of people around the world, the cuddly panda saves endangered species of animals most effectively from all organizations in the industry, and the cola with the writen inscription is a guarantee of quality and taste despite the passage of decades.

It turns out that the simpler the logo of the more eye-catching and seems to be more professional than “bouquets” of elements.


A simple answer – A SIMPLE ONE!

A well-designed logo will not oscillate in a color range wider than a maximum of three colors. The specialists in creating the image of companies know very well the meaning of each of the colors, which makes it easier for them to choose those key for the character of your industry. And it is important that after reversing the colors of the logotype (presenting it in black and white) and after decreasing it was still recognizable. The same rule applies when selecting a font.

No professional company will offer you a logo dressed in many graphic signs. Remember that they divert attention from the most important element – the name of your company.


  1. The design should be done using vector graphics (based on geometric shapes)! Why? Because it would be easy to change the size of the logo while working on elements related to the marketing of your company, for example business cards. Creating a logo using vector graphics gives you the confidence that in every scale and size your logotype will be presented in the highest quality and will not lose its aesthetics. Otherwise, try to imagine what your logo might look like, for example in Photoshop, when you try to enlarge it to the banner size…
  2. Give up the initials of your company name. These solutions are not bad, but usually do not lead to success. It’s difficult to convey the character of a company using two letters. And since we are already on this issue – do not be afraid to give your business a few-name name. Taking KFC as an example, they started their activity in 1930, and until 1991 it operated under the name Kentucky Fried Chicken. On their logotype, for the past 61 years, we’ve seen a gentleman with a goatee (a likeness of the founder), but with a full name, not like today – a three-letter abbreviation. Let your company develop a reputation before you decide to shorten its name to the acronym.
  3. Do not create logotypes on your own! Such activities may expose you to serious financial and image losses, as programs or applications designed to create such elements are based on generally available fonts, styles and graphics, which does not mean that they are not covered by copyright!


Nowadays, the price of the service is not a determinant of quality, but what is behind it. It’s worth getting interested in how the logo creation process will take place. It is important that the contractor consult with you to get to know your business more closely, look around in the industry and design a logo that will be sent to you for approval before starting to create it based on your sketch. Remember that you have the right to talk about what you do not like in the presented project and present your vision of the elements. A good specialist will not avoid conversations with you because you are the person that should be satisfied with his work and his logo.